Sunset Projection Lamp

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Create a sunset in your home any time of day with this USB 180º sunset lamp projector. With an adjustable head you can adjust the angle of the entire lamp to project light rings of different shapes and sizes. The greater the distance, the greater the projection of sunlight onto the wall, ceiling or floor.

Unlike ordinary 90 degree rotating lights, this LED light can be rotated 180º. It can produce different lights from different angles, bringing different effects to your room. The soft lighting colours provide the perfect environment for sleep, meditation, yoga or reading. Move the lights around to find the perfect lighting for photography, videos or Tik Toks. 

Available in colours Sun, Sunset Red, Sunset, Rainbow and 4 in 1.

Variants: 26cm extendable to 35.6cm stand, mini tripod, lamp only and 17cm 4 in 1.